Executive Progress

Free Webinar 5/10!

And May’s Update   May Update & Invitation   Greetings all, This Thursday and Friday I’ll be at the NASW-MI May Conference on the future of social work presenting on Hubs for Healthy Aging. I’m sending a lot of you to Anna to make sure your needs are met! We are going to start doing […]


October 2022 by Jessica Bruman -Roger ian Theory WHAT IS IT?Person centered theory (also known as Rogerian Theory) was developed by a psychologist named Carol Rogers in the 1940’s. It is a very popular form of psychotherapy used today where the therapist works together with a client, using a nondirective, empathetic approach that motivates the […]

The Peer Approach

By: Chloe Nicholson, Kovir LLC Intern Social isolation can result in many health risks such as increased risk of dementia, risk of heart disease and stroke, and risk of premature death. According to the CDC, nearly one fourth of adults 45 and older are considered socially isolated. One fourth! Although this number is shockingly high, […]

Systems Approach at Senior Centers Part 1

By: Anna Pekrul, BSW, MSW Candidate, Kovir LLC Associate What is Systems Theory? Social workers who utilize Systems Theory in their practice believe: “It is not possible to understand the whole without recognizing how the component parts interact, affect and change each other. As the parts interact, they create the character and function of the […]

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