Executive Progress

Team Led by
Marie Gress,

Specializing in non-profit administration, Marie Gress leads a team of associates and emerging leaders to give you quality, prompt support you can trust.

“You can’t lead alone, period.”

Marie Gress, LMSW-Macro

About Our Practice

Executive Progress exists because we believe everyone can improve their capacity and impact, that in community they can be life-long learners.

But we recognize the overwhelm of all the hats you wear, strained budgets, and… you know – that other thing we can’t remember right now! We’ll look at what you have so far and give you the confidence and boost you need to be successful.

Kate and Anna are currently two associates assisting with these services. We also leverage social work and management interns, typically employing 5 in a given semester.

Executive Progress is an initiative sponsored by Kovir LLC.

Our Promise To You


We teach consistent availability in our superivion styles, so you'll be able to jump on our calendar for when works best for you. We respond to all emails within 48 hours.


With a person-centered, empowerment approach, we'll adapt the content and strategy to what you need.


We know you can do this, we know together we can elevate this work. ChatGPT said, "Navigate change, unleash your leadership" and that is exactly what we strive for.
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